Accounting and payroll

The main objective of our Team is professional and efficient problem solving of our Customers.

We are running finance and accounting services as well as payroll services for micro, small and medium enterprises from various industries, associates, sports clubs and foundations. We are delivering services both for revenue and expense ledgers as well as full bookkeeping run in various ERP systems.

We have experience in setting up finance departments for newly created entities, but also in outsourcing of finance services in any maturity stage.

We are known for our cooperation spirit as well as highest internal controls standard ensuring that books of our Customers are maintained with confidence and highest quality.

Team Leaders:

Barbara Kałuża – Silesian University of Economics graduate, Finance and Accounting faculty. Since the begging of her professional career she is associated with BUFIKS. Certified Chief Accountant. She specializes in transfer pricing documentation.

Her philosophy is to solve the issues, not create new ones.

Sebastian Psonka – Silesian University of Economics graduate, Finance and Accounting faculty. He gained his experience in the accounting department of Regional branch of National Chamber of Statutory Auditors.

Since 2007 he is cooperating with BUFIKS. He is a certified Chief Accountant. He excels in small and medium enterprises accountancy as well as settlements of EU funds projects.

His motto is to lead accounting function in a business partnering spirit, rather than just a back office function.

Team Members:

Beata Wita – Warsaw School of Economics graduate, Finance and Accounting faculty. Has multiple years of experience in running and monitoring of finance processes in companies from across the industry. Over the last 13 years she has deepened her professional knowledge while being a part of financial statements reviews and multiple European Union founds projects. She is a certified Chief Accountant.

She is always fully engaged and transparent while cooperating with our Customers.

Milena Jurczyńska - The Silesian University graduate, Faculty of Law and Administration and postgraduate studies in accountancy in Banking University (Wyższa Szkola Bankowa). She specializes in HR and payroll processes linking her law expertize with practical experience she gathered in accounting companies as well as Tax Authorities.

Milena’s motto is constant development in order to achieve targets more efficiently.

Kamil Macha – Accountant associate, Management and marketing student at the Górnośląska Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości, Finance and Accounting faculty, specializing in HR and payroll process. His career path since the begging is linked with BUFIKS.

His key attributes are just approach to work and constant professional development.

Our Mentors

Most complex cases as well as quality assurance are being secured by:

Ilona Jaroszek – Certified Auditor and Accountant with multiple years of experience in working as a Chief Accountant as well as Certified Auditor in companies with various profiles and from different industries. She excels in professionalism and building relations based on trust with our Customers.

Piotr Kołodziejczyk – Certified Auditor and Accountant, Expert Witness in accountancy. He gained multiple years of experience while working as Chief Accountant, Finance Director and Certified Auditor. His motto is ability to analyze topics of our Customers from multiple experience perspectives.